Salem Concrete Restoration


Keith Leavitt Masonry can seal your concrete so that it lasts even longer against the elements. Depending on the customers wishes we can apply an invisible finish, or wet-look to compliment your masonry project


If you have concrete which you wish to dispose of, possibly in preparation of another project, then Keith Leavitt Masonry can get the job done. We also recycle concrete so our customers know that when they use our services, they are choosing the green option.

Polymer-Modified Mortar Repairs

Advances in modern concrete repair have created polymer-modified mortar repair materials. This special substance can be used to repair interior, exterior, vertical, horizontal and overhead concrete damage.

Facade Repairs

Fa├žades are constantly dealing with the elements as they are what protect us from the wind, rain and sun. If you notice cracking, chipping or discoloration of the outside of your residence, then give Keith Leavitt Masonry a call.

Concrete Repairs to existing concrete

Concrete was never meant to adhere to itself. There are two types of bonds, an adhesive bond (glue) or a mechanical bond (screws). Keith Leavitt Masonry will look at your project and suggest the best possible method to use in your individual situation.

Concrete and Masonry Maintenance

Especially here in New England where one day we will have 70 degree weather, then the next day there could be snow. This results in your masonry being able to handle the extreme changes. On top of this temperature change, the water in your masonry will change from the water we just mentioned to ice, inside and outside of the masonry. By maintaining your masonry, like you maintain your car with regular 'check ups' your masonry will last longer. Keith Leavitt Masonry can help you save money in the long run.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.