Keith Leavitt Masonry Masonry Restoration


We have specialized equipment to bring life back to your aging stonework. Different techniques are used depending on the age and type of stone so that restoration is guaranteed.

Stone & Brick

Keith Leavitt Masonry will inspect the stone and brick work of your property to gauge its current level of durability. If any issues are discovered then we will make the appropriate steps to restore it to peak condition.


Tuckpointing is the industry term for repairing mortar. Sometimes the job can be difficult because many masonry projects are not done with vertical and horizontal lines like brick laying. Keith Leavitt Masonry is capable of repairing mortar quickly and efficiently regardless of the way the stones are set


Waterproofing is done frequently for foundations to ensure protection from water damage and increase the value of your property.


Caulking is a way to minimize the water damage done to masonry and is used to seal joints where stone and other materials meet. With complete knowledge of different varieties of caulking and their applications, Keith Leavitt Masonry will use the best product for the situation.


Masonry Grout is used in the same way as mortar, to join stones, but is used on specific applications. You need a mason who is knowledgeable about both to ensure that the proper repairs are made.

Foam or Epoxy Injection

Foam or epoxy injection is an economic and enduring way to brace and seal compromised masonry surfaces.


Masonry can be repaired and brought back to usable application, whether brick, block, stone, concrete, or a combination. Certain techniques can be used to bring your project new life and lasting effects. Instead of removing entire structure and starting over, possibly a face lift of sorts is the solution.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.