Nashua New Construction Masonry

Site Preparation

Keith Leavitt Masonry always prepares every job to ensure that the project will be carried out as efficiently as possible. Masonry projects can produce a fair amount of dust and dirt but we take all the steps towards a clean and safe environment.


Keith Leavitt Masonry has worked on many foundation projects from building foundation walls, extending foundations, rebuilds, and repairs. Working with granite, block, and stone. Also waterproofing cellars and basements.

New Construction

With hundreds of projects under our belt we can recreate any piece of masonry you have seen or build something you have dreamt of having. We will work with you to chisel out the details and bring your dreams into reality.


Interior or exterior, conventional brick or rubble masonry, Keith Leavitt Masonry can create the perfect fireplace to warm you and your space.

Brick, Block & Stone Installation

There are distinct appeals to different types of masonry. Brick and block laying gives the look of traditional symmetric masonry while stone installation provide the allure of natural rock formations, both of which add depth and texture to the surrounding.

Paver Walkways & Patios

When considering your walkway & patio whether you are updating, repairing, replacing, or even a new project for this Summer season the versitality of concrete pavers is limited by only your imagination. The technology has come a long way in a short time where the patterns and colors are so varied. Your options are from clean and simplistic to fabulous, for a small area or a larger area that may wind through your flower gardens.

Mortar-Set Masonry

The most widely used form of masonry; mortar-set brick, blocks or stones masonry can be trickier than you might think as many mortars are created for specific types of stone or brick. Keith Leavitt Masonry’s seasoned staff knows the best product to use to create a balance between durability and aesthetic.

Dry Stacked Masonry

Dry Stack masonry is one of the earliest forms of stonework. Relying on the friction between the stones for structural stability it takes the keen mind of an experienced builder to create a flawless dry stacked construction.


When starting on a masonry project it is important to figure out the best methods to use to get the job done. Here are a few of the practices Keith Leavitt Masonry employs in the creation of our products:

  • Rebar:
  • Rebar, ribbed metal bars, is often used to reinforce masonry. The rebar is place inside brick or cement to increase its structural integrity.
  • Imbeds:
  • Rebar, ribbed metal bars, is often used to reinforce masonry. The rebar is place inside brick or cement to increase its structural integrity.
  • Lintels:
  • Lintels are the load bearing stones in entrance ways or archways which allow the structure to securely stand. Keith Leavitt Masonry can create the ideal entrance way to enhance your home or make a free standing archway to divide your property into distinct sections.
  • Expansion Joints:
  • Masonry is an extremely durable form of construction but modern science must be applied to compensate for its few shortcomings. Expansion Joints are specially designed to give a bit of flexibility to masonry projects so that they do not crack due to being too rigid.
  • Precast Architectural Elements:
  • As there are many patterns of concrete blocks and stonework that are widely used; to save time certain companies have created precast architectural elements. These ready made elements allow for faster construction as it is not necessary to wait for the elements to harden. Keith Leavitt Masonry will show you all the possibilities in precast elements so you can find the pattern which meets your needs.